Elite Marine Canvas & Interiors


At Elite Marine Canvas & Interiors, we are the recognized experts in custom furniture upholstery, providing for every conceivable boat and yacht need. We can custom-make upholstery for everything from seats to walls and floors to beds. We also design a variety of cushioning and carpeting to offer a full service, holistic vision of your interior in which everything matches and unites to form a thing of beauty.

Our custom furniture upholstery expertise stems from over 40 years of work on a great variety of boats and yachts. This gives us intimate knowledge of the particular problems that can plague owners. It also allows us to offer unique and practical solutions to every issue. We know the sort of fabrics that will last, and those that will not, and we can build products that will stand up to the rigors and stresses of the nautical life and marine atmosphere.

We have worked with numerous owners, each with their own tastes, and we have always ensured that their design preferences were carried out precisely. Elite Marine Canvas & Interiors will work with you from the very start of the process to determine the end result that you desire. Our talent for complete customization guarantees that you will be able to realize your dreams. 

Often this level of customization comes with a price tag that verges on criminal. At Elite Marine Canvas & Interiors, we will budget with you from the very beginning to make sure that you get the custom furniture upholstery you want at a price that you can afford. Moreover, we offer our initial consultation entirely free, so you can decide whether or not we are right for you without ever paying a dime. Just drop on by and see for yourself!

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